Tips on Choosing the Best Web Template in Joomla

Web Template in Joomla

There are many web templates available in Joomla and sometimes it could create confusions for the user to select the best template. Here are several tips that you should know before selecting the web template in Joomla.

The Type of The Website
Before you choose any template, you will need to determine first what kind of the website that you need. if the website will be for your travelling blog, for online shop business, for a non-profit organization, for photography and so on. Once you have decided, you can do some research on the best template for the website that you need. For instance, Generous will be the right template for the Charity website, Moxii and Reviver are suitable for the e-commerce website, or SimpleKey will be a good template to show your portfolio.

Select the Modern and Up to Date Layout
The trend of website layout and design nowadays is the simple, sleek and clean design. Do not choose the layouts that are complicated and clustered. You will need to follow the trends in order to attract viewers to your website.

Choose the Reliable Provider
It is important to choose the provider which has a good reputation and the support system. Most premium providers will give you more benefits such as the reliable support system that you can contact when you need help.

Make Sure It is Compatible and Responsive
Even though you got already the nice design that you want to use, you will need to make sure that the template is compatible and responsive. Make sure you test if it’s mobile-friendly and compatible for any browsers. You also need to test the speed of the template using a tool such as Google PageSpeed.

Therefore, you will need to do some research and make sure to check first the reviews of other users before selecting a web template. These above tips may take more time for you to choose the right web template, but they are worth to try!