Learn How to Customize Your Joomla Template Here

Learn How to Customize Your Joomla Template Here – Joomla is one of the open-source platforms where you can create your own website for free. Although it is free, the only downside it has is that sometimes, it can only be used by developers. The language and the design are quite hard to understand which make it hard to change the template of the website as well if you are not accustomed to it. Don’t worry, you can learn it here.

– Copy the Previous Settings
Before you begin to edit the template, you will want to copy the current template first because you will need to reset the template into the original one. It is also important because sometimes the template can lose when you are upgrading it or there might be any problem you find. This is how a professional online gambling site like manages its look while improving several parts.

To copy the current template, you can go to the Template Manager and choose the Customize Template. Copy the files as well as the styles on it.

You will see three different options you can choose, such as editing the template, creating the template, and manipulating template. Click the Copy Template button, change the name of the template based on your preference and click Copy Template. By doing so, the files and the styles of the website will be copied.

– Add New Template
After you have done copying the template, you need to install the new template to your site. It is very easy to do because you can do it within your site. Go to Administrator menu, choose Extension, then Extension Manager, and Discover. Just click one Discover and choose the new template you want to use. Click the Install button, and you will see whether it is successful or not. To know it, you can go to Administrator again, then Extension, and Template Manager. Make the template as the default template of the site and view the site.

– Problems
Joomla is actually quite hard to use for beginner because there might be problems when creating a new template for your site. It is because of the file name you choose for the template or to be specific, the capitalisation for the name. But you don’t need to worry because you can see the report on each page.

Sometimes, Joomla is hard to use and it can be hard to customise your template as well. But, with those steps, you can easily do it yourself even when you are new to Joomla.