How to: Change Your WordPress Template for Beginners

How to Change Your WordPress Template for Beginners

How to: Change Your WordPress Template for Beginners – Are you new to WordPress and still learning about it? Do you want to change the template, but don’t know how? Don’t worry, most of the beginners don’t know how to do it because you might think that you need some sort of codes to change the template. Just follow the following steps, and it will be done in no time.

1. Open Notepad
The first thing you need to do is to make a simple code using Notepad on your computer. Just open Notepad and type the code on it. The code means it will be a template for the website, and the name will be CustomPageT1. Relaz, even online gambling site developers use this kind of coding to shape the site right.

Or, if you like, you can change the name based on your preference. After you have pasted the code, you need to save the file with .php extension. The name of the file can be everything you like, but you need to remember to save it with .php extension so that it can be used as the WordPress template.

2. Connect to the Website
After you have saved the file, you need to connect your computer with FTP client. Then, you can go to the site theme and find the directory under /wp-content/themes/. When you have found it, you need to upload the file for your theme.

3. Login to Your WordPress
To customise the template, you need to log in to your WordPress account. When you have logged in, you can create a new template or you can also edit the template you already have. Go to the bottom of the page and you will find the Page Attributes menu. Click it and you will see a dropdown menu to customise the template. You will need to choose the template with the file you have uploaded before under the Template section.

4. Edit the Template
The last step you can do it to edit the template. All you need to do is to open the FTP client and download the page.php file on your computer. Copy all of the theme body on your computer and paste it on the custom page of the template. Save it and upload it to your website.

Although you still need some sort of code to dress up your WordPress website, the codes are quite easy to understand and learn so that you can change the template in no time. Plus, you are free to add some add-ons for your WordPress when you have mastered the basic code.

Joomla Best Selling Web Template 2020

Joomla Best Selling Web Template 2020

Joomla Best Selling Web Template 2020 – Aside for WordPress, internet users might have seen Joomla. This is a platform that shares similar goals to WordPress, but they are slightly different in the system. Even so, the users still want to have the prettiest, user-friendly and easy-to-operate template. What are some of the best choices for these users?

  • Compair

This template deserved “the best” title as it has been used by million users. Each of them shares different charming points of Compair. One group of customers appreciate the clean yet professional look, while others love the endless options of features. These buttons help them to personalize their sites. Last but not least, Compair is user-friendly and not complicated to operate, even for the beginners.

There is more to Compair, especially the useful features. It is responsive, meaning that the website display will be automatically re-arranged to fit the mobile version. This is a helpful feature because people are more likely to access a site from their phones. The device is ready to use and more convenient, which is also the reason why online site creates alternative links for mobile users.

In the building process, the users could rely on the bootstrap feature. This is the framework to manage front-end of a site. It is free yet powerful tool to help the users saving time on the design. Usually, the bootstrap applies for all template categories; standard and exclusive.

  • Salutem

Recently, one of the most demanding templates come from medical and health field. For this purpose, there is no theme that could beat Saluterm. It is minimalist, helping the visitors to focus on the information instead of the pretty decorations. There are plenty of features; UI elements, social plug in, subscription, and many more.

Once the users start to work on the site, there will be plenty of templates to choose, each is pre-designed with pleasant colors and details. Using the templates, the users are allowed to customize it further.

When choosing a template for Joomla, the users should consider the field of their specialty. It is really helpful to sort the available themes. For example, personal or business could take Compair theme, while the health and medicine topic is paired with Salutem. Try to do some researches to see themes for the other fields!

Benefits of Using Free Templates for Your Website
Joomla Prestashop Wordpress

Benefits of Using Free Templates for Your Website

Benefits of Using Free Templates for Your Website – Today’s businesses really need website availability. With a website, information can be conveyed quickly and efficiently. In addition, the website is also capable of disseminating information at any time. From the website we can also give a first impression to website visitors. To create an attractive website, we need a website appearance that of course fits our business theme. Currently there are free web templates available from a variety of developers. If we don’t have the expertise in designing the appearance of our website to be more attractive, the best choice is to use a free template. Of course, free templates make it easy to make our website look. So what are the advantages of the free templates that we use for our website?

The low cost is the first advantage in using free templates for the website that we make. Of course, for those of us who are new to online businesses, this is very interesting. We can imagine if we use a website design that looks professional and attractive by spending money. Moreover, if we use the services of a website builder to a web developer or agency, we can pay even more. Using free templates, we can reduce website design costs.

The second is a fast website creation process. “Time is money”, that’s right. To design your own website template, you have to master coding techniques. And to design through coding, the time needed is not short where we can spend up to months. With free website templates, you can save time. We just need to choose the right template and change a few points such as color, image, logo and others. The time to create a website template can be replaced by profit seeking time. If you want to learn to develop a website appearance, you can develop your skills after your website is up and running.

One more advantage of free website templates is the wide choice. Currently, with the increasing demand for website creation, more and more free website templates are provided. IDN Poker developer site can provide free website templates for more than thousands of templates. Everything is up to us to choose a template that matches the website theme we want. But there are also templates that are paid for. The difference is more to a more attractive and elegant appearance. Usually website developers provide free templates to invite template seekers to see their paid website template products.

Create a Website with Free Templates
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Create a Website with Free Templates

Create a Website with Free templates – Today is the digital era where every business changes to the digital world. Website is the choice for disseminating key business information. Based on this reason, many new websites have appeared on the internet today. To create a website, we have to think about the content of the website. Maybe when the business world doesn’t need a website, website creation becomes a little difficult. This is due to the lack of requests for website creation. The most difficult thing is to make a template from the website. In the past, we had to create our own website templates manually. However, with the development of the digital world, currently there are many website templates that we can use for free. And, there are many free website service providers. Call it WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento and others.

The use of this free website template is very efficient in using time and energy. We don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort on styling our website templates. Currently, we can choose our own website template according to our wishes. Of course, in choosing a free template, we must pay attention to several things related to the website theme that we are creating. Adjusting the theme will give a more attractive impression to website visitors. No need to add a lot of gimmicks on the website, a simple display will make it easier for website visitors to see the information available on the website pages.

Then, do free templates have weaknesses? The answer, of course, is that there are weaknesses because everything in this world has advantages and disadvantages. For the weaknesses that exist in free templates, the first is that they are less unique and exclusive. In this case, the availability of free templates that are used by many users makes our website not unique. It could be that other websites have the same appearance because they have chosen the same free template that we have chosen. This creates a less exclusive impression on a website.

One more drawback is the limited customization. In terms of creating a website appearance, what actually needs to be used is coding skills. Then, the use of free templates gives us restrictions to change the template. In order to modify templates, we must have coding skills. However, if you can’t code, you’ll need to hire a developer to help you out. Of course this will add even more costs.

Customise Your WordPress Template with These Steps

Customise Your WordPress Template with These Steps

Customise Your WordPress Template with These Steps – WordPress is one of the famous platforms to create your own website or blog. WordPress powers most of the websites you find on the internet because everyone can use it for free. Plus, it is quite easy to use and you almost don’t need certain skills on programming to use WordPress, including changing the template. Here are easy steps you can follow to change the template of your own WordPress page.

1. Go to WordPress Customization Page
One of the easiest ways you can use to change the template of your WordPress page is by accessing WordPress Customization page. The Customization page is located within your WordPress website. Just go to Appearance and choose Themes. You will be directed to a new page that lets you customise your current theme. Just locate the active theme and click Customize button below the picture of the theme.

After you have clicked it, you can modify the theme based on the settings you want. On the left pane, you can see the options you can adjust to modify the theme. Then, on the right side, you can see the preview based on the options you have modified. It helps you to get the right look, just as how sbobet online games site manages to have the perfect look for its players.

2. Adjust the Title and Tagline
After you have customised template, you might need to customise the Title and Tagline as well. You can do it within the Customization page. But, to do this, you need to go to the Site Identity menu within the Customization page. You can directly change the Title and Tagline by typing it in the provided column. After doing so, you can see the setting immediately in the right pane. When you are done, you need to click the Save and Publish button to save your setting.

3. Optional Theme Modification
There can customise your WordPress more depends on the theme you choose. Some themes let you customize the image, header, add more CSS, colour scheme, and others. You can still do it within the Customization page, but you cannot forget to click Save and Publish button each time you change the setting so that your WordPress template will change as well. If you don’t like the changes, you can still go back to the Customization page and change the setting.

Changing the template of your WordPress website is quite easy. You can always change the template based on your own style, and you don’t need to worry because it won’t affect the content of the site itself.

Designing the Magento Website by Using Best and Free Template

Designing the Magento Website by Using Best and Free Template

Designing the Magento Website by Using Best and Free Template – Magento is a wide platform in the e-commerce project. You can use this platform to create your own online shops. Well, creating the best online shops needs some considerations. The online shops should be able to provide clear navigation so that the visitor can use it easily. It may also informative so that the visitor can get clear information on the website. In addition, the design of the online shop should be matched with the products. Therefore, choosing the best template of the Magento is a must to create the best online shops.

There are several free templates of Magento that can be chosen for creating online shops. If you want to use the template that can be customized, you can use EM Titany. This template provides an attractive and clean look for your website. In addition, it can be used for several types of online shops such as clothes, electronics, books, and other products. In addition, this template is also designed with several features such as Visual Content Editor, CSS 3, Ajax Cart, Bootstrap, and Cloud Zoom. It’s a good template for starting your e-commerce project. If you sell the clothes in your online shop, you can use the Clothes Store template. Like its name, this template is mainly used for promoting the clothes. It provides several advantages such as free download so you don’t need to pay money in using this template. In addition, the template is ready to use so that you just need to upload the picture of products and give some brief explanations. The template also provides a simple and clean design with the video background and sliders. The visitor can access this template easily with clear navigation.

If you want to use a template that provides many color options, you can use Magento Absolute Theme. This template is updated regularly. So, any version of Magento is compatible with this template. There are several features of this template such as product slider, easy upgrades and customizability, has many options of color, and provides the product review module. If you want to sell electronic products, you can use Ebajes. This is a free template for Magento. This template can be customized and adjusted based on your needs. The minimal look will help the visitor when they visit the website. In addition, there is a slider with the slideshow that can impress the visitor. You can also choose the best transition from the 20 different transition options.

Learn How to Customize Your Joomla Template Here

Learn How to Customize Your Joomla Template Here

Learn How to Customize Your Joomla Template Here – Joomla is one of the open-source platforms where you can create your own website for free. Although it is free, the only downside it has is that sometimes, it can only be used by developers. The language and the design are quite hard to understand which make it hard to change the template of the website as well if you are not accustomed to it. Don’t worry, you can learn it here.

– Copy the Previous Settings
Before you begin to edit the template, you will want to copy the current template first because you will need to reset the template into the original one. It is also important because sometimes the template can lose when you are upgrading it or there might be any problem you find. This is how a professional online gambling site like manages its look while improving several parts.

To copy the current template, you can go to the Template Manager and choose the Customize Template. Copy the files as well as the styles on it.

You will see three different options you can choose, such as editing the template, creating the template, and manipulating template. Click the Copy Template button, change the name of the template based on your preference and click Copy Template. By doing so, the files and the styles of the website will be copied.

– Add New Template
After you have done copying the template, you need to install the new template to your site. It is very easy to do because you can do it within your site. Go to Administrator menu, choose Extension, then Extension Manager, and Discover. Just click one Discover and choose the new template you want to use. Click the Install button, and you will see whether it is successful or not. To know it, you can go to Administrator again, then Extension, and Template Manager. Make the template as the default template of the site and view the site.

– Problems
Joomla is actually quite hard to use for beginner because there might be problems when creating a new template for your site. It is because of the file name you choose for the template or to be specific, the capitalisation for the name. But you don’t need to worry because you can see the report on each page.

Sometimes, Joomla is hard to use and it can be hard to customise your template as well. But, with those steps, you can easily do it yourself even when you are new to Joomla.

The Best Free Template of PrestaShop for Promoting Your Products

The Best Free Template of PrestaShop for Promoting Your Products

The Best Free Template of PrestaShop for Promoting Your Products – If you want to build your online shop, you can use PrestaShop as the platform for your website. Well, PrestaShop is widely known as the platform of e-commerce. Therefore, many people use this platform for building their online shop websites. In order to gain the interest of the customer regarding the website, the people may need to choose the best template. So, their website is eye-catching and informative to the customer. There are several free templates of the PrestaShop that can be chosen as the template for your website. Each template has its own specifications. However, all of them can help you to build your online shop.

If you have an online shop that sells the furniture, you may choose the Wood theme as the template for your PrestaShop. This template will support your products since it has a similar characteristic. In addition, this template is designed with the slider. You can add the link related to the useful information in the slider. Moreover, this PrestaShop can be used in any smart device that makes it easy to use. In the Wood theme, there will one column home page and two-column subpages. The theme also provides connectivity with social media so that you can promote website in your social media. If you have any website that is related to the sports, poker, or casino online, you can use the Leosport template. It is a part of the free template for PrestaShop. There are several advantages of the use of Leosport themes such as supports the jQuery framework, compatible with the many types of smart devices, supports multiple modules, lightweight theme, three color options, and two layout options. This template will definitely improve the interesting part of your online gambling website.

If you sell the bicycle as the products of your website, you can use the bicycle theme for the template of your PrestaShop websites. This template provides easy navigation so that the visitors can use it easily. It also provides several features such as cart button, logo, search bar, and others. The template is also supported by the banners, slider, social media sharing and subscription button. If you want to promote books, magazines, music, or beauty products, you can use the Book Hangover Theme. This is a free template of the PrestaShop. There are several advantages of this template such as free download, convenient sample data installed, theme color options, and some basic coding. Therefore, you can make some customizations in this template.

The Best and Free Template for WordPress

The Best and Free Template for WordPress

The Best and Free Template for WordPress – The theme of the website will define how the website looks. It may also include the widgets and menu that are available on the website. Well, in order to make a beautiful and informative website, choosing the best template is a must. Moreover, for the people who like to promote their products or services, they need to choose a suitable template that can help them to describe their product as well as to gain the interest of the people. If you use WordPress as the platform of your website, you may know that there are two types of the template. Basically, the template can be divided into the free and paid template. The free template doesn’t mean has the lower quality of the paid template. There are many free templates that provide a beautiful design along with informative widgets.

If you want to construct the business website, you can use the Zakra template. This template is free and designed with the WordPress 5.0 version. This template is suitable for promoting products, services, and places such as a mobile app, food, restaurant, spa, wedding organizer, and others. Zakra also can work well with WooCommerce. It also provides more than 15 free starter sites. There are several features of the Zakra template such as SEO friendly, wide range of color options, mobile version is ready, free support, multilingual support, many options of header styles, and advanced typography. The Zakra template is also well known as the lightweight and super-fast template. If you want to make customization such as animation and transition effect on your website, you can choose the Neve theme. This free theme is designed with the ability to be customized with several visual touches. In addition, it is also designed with the many options of icon boxes, portfolio compatibility, pricing tables, and others. There are several features of Neve theme such as work well with the Page Builder compatible designs, Demo content, custom background, and live customizer support.

Another free business template for WordPress is Spacious. This template can be used in any various types of website such as business, agency, blogging, and others. It also can work well with WooCommerce. Therefore, you can use this template to open your online shop. There are several features of this template such as custom widgets, full-color options, live customizer support, and beautiful template for business purposes. You can use this template to promote your products or shops.

Best-Selling Premium Magento Templates You Need To Use

Best-Selling Premium Magento Templates You Need To Use

Best-Selling Premium Magento Templates You Need To Use – Are you using Magento for your e-commerce? Are you bored with the template that you currently use? If so, you don’t need to worry since these premium Magento templates will change the business experience. Let’s take a look at the best templates that will be suitable for you.
– Ultimo
The first best-selling premium Magneto template that has been downloaded by more 19K users is this Ultimo template. This template comes with great features that will make your Magento page more appealing. The best thing about this template is that allows you to customize the design based on your needs. And, you don’t need to master some web-design coding to use this template. By just paying $99, you will get the best template for your e-commerce.

– Porto
The second best-selling premium Magneto template is Ponto and it becomes one of the best-selling templates since 2014. It is made by the Power Elite Member with a constant update to make the template meets the users’ needs. By downloading this template, you don’t need to worry about getting left behind in the e-commerce field since it brings you the best features. Sites also use this Porto premium templates, besides an attractive appearance, the available widgets are suitable for viewing gambling sites. This template has been downloaded by more than 16K users and with only $99, you will have this template.

– Shopper
If you think that those templates are too expensive, Shopper is the less expensive one since by only paying $79, you can get this template. Although it is cheaper, it is loved by more than 4K users. The features are also great and you will also have the chance to customize the design based on your needs.

Although you need to pay to use those premium Magento templates, it will be the best thing to do since the features are very different from the free templates. Besides, the design is pretty simple so that the buyer will find it easy to understand what you sell.

Building The Perfect Travel Website
Joomla Prestashop Wordpress

Building The Perfect Travel Website

Building The Perfect Travel Website – Probably you own a travel agency, vacation planner or tourist attractions business and you are thinking to build the new website or redesign your old website. Here is the information that you should know when you want to choose the perfect template for your travel website

How to Choose the Right Theme for Travel Website
When you are building your travel website and trying to select the right template, you will need to ask these following questions and if everything has been covered by the chosen theme.

  • Is the theme’s design attractive to users?
  • Does it expose the pictures that you are going to put in the website?
  • Does it have important widgets that could be easily added such as maps, social media link, maps and other widgets that you need for your website?
  • Is it responsive and compatible theme?

The Content of Travel Website
Most travel website will have these elements including high-quality photography, information about the specific area with the recommendation of where to go, what to eat and where to stay. Information about any interesting place to see nearby the area. Tips to visit the urist’s attractions such as museums, theatres, archaeological site, beach or mountains. Tips about what to bring to the certain area or countries and when to visit and information about the airport and public transport.

List of Free Travel Website Themes
If you are looking for a free travel website theme, here are some of the recommendations that you can try. Direngine is a theme website that is suitable for travellers’ community to share their travelling experience. Travello is a website template that offers animation effects, two navigation option and premade promotional banners that you can use in your website.

Travelista gives you benefit to get the user email address, so you can contact them as part of your marketing strategy. Voyage is also one of the best travel website templates that you can use. This website template is intended for travel bloggers who want to share the experience of each journey. This template also offers the review and star rating elements to navigate the user to choose the best attraction or country that they want to visit.

To summarize, there are several factors that you need to consider when you want to choose the right theme for your website. You will also need to pay attention to the content of the travel website if it already gives the complete information to your users.

What are the Functions of Web Template for Your Website?
Joomla Prestashop Wordpress

What are the Functions of Web Template for Your Website?

Do you have a website? People use web for personal and job purpose. The use of the web as an online sharing place is increasing today. Company shares their products and services through the website. The individual tends to have a website for sharing the information with others.

In order to make your web good-looking and attract people to stop by, you have to think about the appropriate template for your web. The web template contains design, layout, and structure for the website. Finding the right web template is important. What are the functions of a web template for your website? Find the information below.

  • Making the Web Alive
    The web template comes in various themes. The theme contains pretty pictures, colors, fonts and many elements that can make your web alive! This is an important step in creating an alive atmosphere that can attract the viewer to stop and read the information presented on your website. There are various free and premium web template designs for WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Prestashop that available on the internet. You can choose any web template that fits with your needs and desire..
  • Simplifying the Web Operation
    Most of the web templates are easy to use and install. This is important for the beginner. You can install the web template without any difficulties. The web template will come with various options and widgets. All the widgets will perform different functions on the website. The widgets and options can be operated easily. You can plug any contents on your website without any difficulties.
  • Up to Date
    The look of your web can come in various layouts with reliable update provided by the web templates. You can have a support from your web templates for any changes in the future. If you are purchasing the premium web template, you can get the new theme and support from web template company. It will give a new look and refresh your web.
What are the Functions of Web Template for Your Website

The functions of the web template for your website can give the significant meaning to the look of your web. Some main functions of the web template are making the web alive, simplifying the web operation and giving an update to the website. All these functions can support the performance of your website so that the viewers will please with any content and layout in it. It is important to choose the right template for increasing the value of your website.

Build Your Own Online Magazines with These Great News WordPress Templates

Build Your Own Online Magazines with These Great News WordPress Templates

Starting your own news company is not always easy. There are lots of things to do, including making your own website. However, buying the domain for the website is not that cheap, but you don’t need to worry since you can use the free web hosting, like WordPress. You can also make use of these news WordPress templates.

  • NewsPro
    The first template that you can use for your own news website is NewsPro. The design is pretty elegant with minimum content to display. Of course, it will be a good point since it won’t confuse the visitors with unnecessary content to display. Another good point is that the less number of content to display makes the website pretty easy to load. No wonder this theme has a great rating from the users.
  • News Portal
    The second template that you can use is called News Portal. Somehow, you might be familiar with the template since it is quite similar to another famous news website. Since it adopts the famous news website templates, the users will find it easy to navigate the web. But, if you don’t like how the content of this theme is presented, you can customize the content based on your preference.
  • NewsNow
    NewsNow is the last news website template that you can use. This template is quite simple, but it presents you with the best navigation menu that will ease the visitors. The content will be displayed accordingly based on the date as well as the categories. By using this theme, you won’t face any difficulties since the template is simple and easy to load.

Other than those news WordPress templates, you can find other great templates for your company. Find the most suitable templates for you by considering the features as well as the design since they will affect the visitors of the site.

Create Your Own Prestashop Template with This Theme Maker Website

Create Your Own Prestashop Template with This Theme Maker Website

Prestashop is the best platform for those who want to start their own online business. The best thing is that it is completely free with the different themes that you can use. But, you can also create your own Prestashop template with this theme maker website.

  • Prestabuilder
    If you think that you need to know web-design coding to make your own Prestashop template, you need to think about it again. It is because this Prestabuilder allows you to have your own Prestashop template without some sort of coding. It is a very good news for those who don’t know anything about coding. Then, this Prestabilder is very easy to use and you don’t need to complete a certain kind of tutorial to begin to make your own theme. Another best thing about making your template here is that you can customize the setting based on your need. You also don’t need to worry since the theme you create here will work well with the default Prestashop theme.
  • TemplateToaster
    Another best theme maker website for your Prestashop is this TemplateToaster. This website also works like the previous website since you don’t need to know basic coding to make the template. All you need to do here is to click some commands to design your own dream Prestashop. The features of the software by TemplateToaster is pretty simple to understand with a great number of pre-designed templates that you can choose. However, if you want to get better features in making your Prestashop template, you need to go premium. But, you don’t need to worry since it is worth to pay!

If you want to start your own online business, using Prestashop will be the answer. Lots of users have used this platform to build their own brand and you can do too. To make your online business stands out, you can create your own Prestashop template with this theme maker website.


Five Best WordPress Web Themes for eCommerce

Five Best WordPress Web Themes for eCommerce

Nowadays online shop business is growing so fast due to the high demand of the customers. The basic factor to build your online shop business by having a great quality website. These are five best WordPress Web Themes for eCommerce.

  • Shopkeeper
    The shopkeeper offers a ready-to-use theme that is specifically designed for e-commerce business. You could put your company portfolio and displaying your products in a fast and fully responsive layout design. Shopkeeper also has an important feature which is a visual composer plugin which allows you to make an advanced layout for your homepage, pages and posts. You also can modify the look by using the advanced theme options panel. The additional feature such as the theme’s header navigation could help easily your viewers to find the products that they are searching for.
  • Atelier
    Atelier is one of the best WooCommerce themes that offers a simple but very responsive layout. With many custom options, you could personalize your online shop from the header, sidebars, product display types, cart style and many more. Atelier also has three kinds of option for the product page, standard, hero tabbed product or full screen. There are also two options of animated page headers which are falling circles and geometric. With these many features and fully integrated system to WooCommerce, Atelier is definitely worth to try for your e-commerce website.
  • Porto
    Porto offers neat, modern and optimized design. The design is fully compatible with any mobile device and browser. You could also easily edit the web design based on what you need. Porto ranked in number two of the most downloaded WordPress eCommerce theme in 2018. There are 20 demos that you could try to create your online shop website. With a multi-purpose tool, Porto is one of the best WordPress themes for eCommerce business.
  • Flatsome
    Flatsome is the best-selling of WordPress theme from WooCommerce with more than 83,000 buyers. Flatsome offers many features such as parallax banner, video and slider functionality, a mega menu, integrated with a blog and newsletter widgets. Flatsome will definitely improve your SEO to gain more viewers to your website and buy your products.
  • June
    June is an eCommerce website them that offers you live drag-and-drop visual suite builder, more than 200 designs for premade blocks and elements. There are also more than 15 store demos that you can try instantly for your online shop business.

Because of the limitation of time, people will prefer to shop in the eCommerce platform rather than to go to an actual store. Therefore, the website is the most important aspect to grow your eCommerce business.

Five Best Photography Web Themes for WordPress

Five Best Photography Web Themes for WordPress

It is very important to have a proper website to build and expose your brand. One of the businesses that need to have a website as a tool for marketing and exposure is photography. Here are five best photography web themes for WordPress.

Even though Uncode is a multipurpose theme but it offers many features to make your website stunning with the images and unique layout. Uncode has several designated templates for photography. The web templates also being provided with demo pages and support with the services and contact for any further questions. Uncode also provides many header options with different styles and animations. Uncode is definitely a good choice for a photography and website.

This great theme is also offering multipurpose design for your website. But it is a right choice for the website photography due to handy and abundantly customizable design. There are options of one page or a multi-page version that have been offered by this website theme provider. It is also very responsive and has parallax and video backgrounds option. It offers various pre-made layouts and page builder with a drag-and-drop feature.

If you are looking for a modern and neat WordPress theme, then Photocrati is the best for you. This theme offers more than 60 ready to use templates that you can select based on your preference. You also can customize the theme easily. The themes are also compatible with any devices and also you could link to e-commerce feature which you could sell your photography or merchandise. More than 18,000 photographers have used this theme for their website.

Timber offers a unique design with a full-screen slider to showcase your image. Each photo is presented in a unique filmstrip style and viewers can click each image to see the full-screen mode. Other display choices that are being offered by Timber including the masonry style gallery and traditional full-screen slider. It also offers 600 google fonts option that could represent your brand. Timber is the best choice for the photographer to expose and highlight their photos.

Photosy offers the clean, tidy and modern themes for the website. It is also very easy to use so that everyone without programming or design knowledge could customize the design. There are around 19 demos that you could import and install. It is also compatible with the mobile device and any browser.

With a designated website theme that will expose more your photos and portfolio, it will increase more viewer to visit your website and bigger chance to book your service. Therefore, it is important to choose the right website theme to support your business.

Five Best Magento Templates and Themes in 2018

Five Best Magento Templates and Themes in 2018

There are many web templates and themes in Magento. But which one that are giving the unique themes, offering many features and being very responsive? Here are the five best Magento templates and themes in 2018.

Porto offers many features that users could explore to build the website. The themes in Porto are flexible, responsive and easy to be customized with multiple options. There are 20 pre-made demos that are ready to use. Porto also offers essential and effective magenta extension and free updates for lifetime. This theme is compatible with Magento 1 and 2.

This premium theme offers an advanced form of an admin module. It is a very full responsive theme and suitable for any website business type. You also could create not only the main theme but also customized sub-themes. This feature will be very useful for any eCommerce website that wants to change the layout during a seasonal time such as festive season or autumn sale. Ultimo is an optimized SEO theme which will help you to get more viewers to click to your website.

Fastest is known for the responsive theme that could be used for any kinds of website. Since Fastest is compatible with the laptop and also any other mobile device, it is perfect for those who want to build a website for online shopping since most of the viewers will be used these kinds of devices, there are more than 10 pre-designed demos that you can choose easily for your website.

Loftsyle is one of the most popular Magento themes in 2018. Loftsyle offers the sleek, clean and minimalist design which will be good to show the projects, photos and products. Lofstyle is also very responsive and compatible with any browser and mobile device. This theme is also SEO optimized which will be useful to support your website business.

This theme is very responsive and integrated with several premium Magento extensions. This theme also supports for many features such as SM Categories, SM Tab Listing, SM Camera Slider, Vertical Mega Menu and many more. This premium Magento theme could be customized easily and perfect for any eCommerce business such as online marketplace, fashion & clothing store and many more.

Either you have an online marketplace, or photography or travelling business, to expose your brand you will need to have a unique layout and design website that also being so fast and responsive in any mobile device. Therefore, it is important to choose which website template and theme provider that cover all your needs for your site.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Template for Your WordPress

Things to Consider in Choosing the Template for Your WordPress

There are many themes which are available out there. The main function of the template is to shape the look of your website. After choosing the WordPress for your website, you need to perform the next task, which is finding the right template for your website. Here are some things to consider in choosing the template for your WordPress.

The Features
The features which are available in the template become the most important part in choosing the best template for your WordPress. You can start to list any features you want to be available in your website template. The filter feature from the WordPress makes this job be easy for you. You can eliminate the template which has no expected-features as your wish.

The Simplicity
There are many selections of website templates that can be chosen according to your needs. There are various colors, images, layouts and more that might be confused you in selecting the right ones. You can start with something that simple and classy. The simplicity is the best option that you can give to your website.

The Type of Template
There are two types of templates that can be chosen according to your needs. If you are a beginner and need to learn more about WordPress and its features, you can choose the free template. The free templates are available in many types. Although it is a free template the quality and features are great for the beginner. On the other hand, if you are a professional, you can start with the premium template. It means you need to purchase it with your money, but the quality is worth with the price.

There are some things to consider in choosing the template for your WordPress. You can list for the features you want, choose the simple template for your website and adjust the type of the template with your needs.

Tips on Choosing the Best Web Template in Joomla

Tips on Choosing the Best Web Template in Joomla

There are many web templates available in Joomla and sometimes it could create confusions for the user to select the best template. Here are several tips that you should know before selecting the web template in Joomla.

The Type of The Website
Before you choose any template, you will need to determine first what kind of the website that you need. if the website will be for your travelling blog, for online shop business, for a non-profit organization, for photography and so on. Once you have decided, you can do some research on the best template for the website that you need. For instance, Generous will be the right template for the Charity website, Moxii and Reviver are suitable for the e-commerce website, or SimpleKey will be a good template to show your portfolio.

Select the Modern and Up to Date Layout
The trend of website layout and design nowadays is the simple, sleek and clean design. Do not choose the layouts that are complicated and clustered. You will need to follow the trends in order to attract viewers to your website.

Choose the Reliable Provider
It is important to choose the provider which has a good reputation and the support system. Most premium providers will give you more benefits such as the reliable support system that you can contact when you need help.

Make Sure It is Compatible and Responsive
Even though you got already the nice design that you want to use, you will need to make sure that the template is compatible and responsive. Make sure you test if it’s mobile-friendly and compatible for any browsers. You also need to test the speed of the template using a tool such as Google PageSpeed.

Therefore, you will need to do some research and make sure to check first the reviews of other users before selecting a web template. These above tips may take more time for you to choose the right web template, but they are worth to try!

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