Build Your Own Online Magazines with These Great News WordPress Templates


Starting your own news company is not always easy. There are lots of things to do, including making your own website. However, buying the domain for the website is not that cheap, but you don’t need to worry since you can use the free web hosting, like WordPress. You can also make use of these news WordPress templates.

  • NewsPro
    The first template that you can use for your own news website is NewsPro. The design is pretty elegant with minimum content to display. Of course, it will be a good point since it won’t confuse the visitors with unnecessary content to display. Another good point is that the less number of content to display makes the website pretty easy to load. No wonder this theme has a great rating from the users.
  • News Portal
    The second template that you can use is called News Portal. Somehow, you might be familiar with the template since it is quite similar to another famous news website. Since it adopts the famous news website templates, the users will find it easy to navigate the web. But, if you don’t like how the content of this theme is presented, you can customize the content based on your preference.
  • NewsNow
    NewsNow is the last news website template that you can use. This template is quite simple, but it presents you with the best navigation menu that will ease the visitors. The content will be displayed accordingly based on the date as well as the categories. By using this theme, you won’t face any difficulties since the template is simple and easy to load.

Other than those news WordPress templates, you can find other great templates for your company. Find the most suitable templates for you by considering the features as well as the design since they will affect the visitors of the site.