The Best and Free Template for WordPress

The Best and Free Template for WordPress – The theme of the website will define how the website looks. It may also include the widgets and menu that are available on the website. Well, in order to make a beautiful and informative website, choosing the best template is a must. Moreover, for the people who like to promote their products or services, they need to choose a suitable template that can help them to describe their product as well as to gain the interest of the people. If you use WordPress as the platform of your website, you may know that there are two types of the template. Basically, the template can be divided into the free and paid template. The free template doesn’t mean has the lower quality of the paid template. There are many free templates that provide a beautiful design along with informative widgets.

If you want to construct the business website, you can use the Zakra template. This template is free and designed with the WordPress 5.0 version. This template is suitable for promoting products, services, and places such as a mobile app, food, restaurant, spa, wedding organizer, and others. Zakra also can work well with WooCommerce. It also provides more than 15 free starter sites. There are several features of the Zakra template such as SEO friendly, wide range of color options, mobile version is ready, free support, multilingual support, many options of header styles, and advanced typography. The Zakra template is also well known as the lightweight and super-fast template. If you want to make customization such as animation and transition effect on your website, you can choose the Neve theme. This free theme is designed with the ability to be customized with several visual touches. In addition, it is also designed with the many options of icon boxes, portfolio compatibility, pricing tables, and others. There are several features of Neve theme such as work well with the Page Builder compatible designs, Demo content, custom background, and live customizer support.

Another free business template for WordPress is Spacious. This template can be used in any various types of website such as business, agency, blogging, and others. It also can work well with WooCommerce. Therefore, you can use this template to open your online shop. There are several features of this template such as custom widgets, full-color options, live customizer support, and beautiful template for business purposes. You can use this template to promote your products or shops.

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