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phpBB Style: Solaris

Author: Jakob Persson

File size: 308 Kb
Downloads: 10547
Added: 13 Sep 2004

Rating: 4.6 (159 votes)
Comments: 10


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#1 Posted by Admin on 14 Sep 2004
Unique beautiful style. One of the best styles for phpBB 2.0

#2 Posted by AskmeAboutComputers on 23 Oct 2004
Wonderful style.....would be a lil better if it had rank imaged alredy built it...but still wonderful style im happy with what i got.

#3 Posted by GraphicMD on 17 Dec 2004
This is one of my favorites. I used this for a long time.

#4 Posted by Sense on 24 Dec 2004
Is perfect for a space forum.

#5 Posted by Sense on 17 Feb 2005
A very nice style, one of the best.

#6 Posted by husker on 15 Mar 2005
Great style!! Very nice.

#7 Posted by duylinh on 23 Apr 2005

#8 Posted by vinh Toan on 21 May 2005
I like it.and i want use it.

#9 Posted by aka_G on 26 Jul 2005
wicked.....i will use it

#10 Posted by ThaSpY on 26 Sep 2005
Would be nice if the nav images were a little larger. Very nice overall. 4.5/5

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